Enhanced pairing. Unlocking potential.

Photys Therapeutics’ proprietary bifunctional small molecules platform unlocks fine-tuned control of protein post-translational modifications, going beyond degradation to restore protein function, repair signaling, and amplify endogenous disease-fighting mechanisms. Photys was co-founded by the Broad Institute’s leading bifunctional chemist, Amit Choudhary, and the Longwood Fund, alongside a scientific advisory board comprised of distinguished scientists and drug developers – MIT’s Angela Koehler, Salk’s Tony Hunter, Berkeley’s Dan Nomura, MPM’s Wendy Young, and Dana Farber’s Eric Fischer.


Phosphorylation-Inducing Chimeric Small Molecules (PHICS)

Through induced proximity, PHICS enhance the pairing of specific kinases, the enzymes responsible for protein phosphorylation, with disease target proteins. PHICS can induce precise phosphorylation at native and/or non-native sites, modulating key protein functions.





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